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The Revolution of Artisan Gelato

Discover a new range of non-dairy, gluten- and sugar-free gelato bases, pastes and flavors suitable for anyone.

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base per gelato artigianale| Gelato zero preparato per gelato senza zucchero | Gelato zero

About Me

Non-Dairy, Sugar-Free Professional Gelato Bases, Pastes and Flavors

Take your artisan gelato showcase to the next level thanks to Gelato Zero: the first range of professional gelato ingredients especially designed to offer high quality products that combine innovation, taste and wellbeing!

Discover the new non-dairy, gluten- and sugar-free gelato bases!

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Riccardo Barbarossa| Gelato zero

My Philosophy

Tasty and Light Gelato Bases Suitable for Anyone

Rich, light and vegan-friendly: Gelato Zero draws its inspiration from the most iconic gelato flavors and reinterprets them in surprisingly tasty recipes low in calories and free of milk, animal proteins, and added sugars.

Suitable for young and old, Gelato Zero is the best gelato choice for anyone who follows a non-dairy, gluten- and sugar-free diet!

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base per gelato artigianale| Gelato zero preparato per gelato senza zucchero | Gelato zero

Your Benefits

Gelato Zero: Zero Sugars Many Reasons to Choose It

Choosing Gelato Zero means choosing excellent professional products made respecting the environment and people’s wellbeing.


High Quality Ingredients

Gelato Zero gelato bases are made with natural ingredients: sustainable, good and genuinely healthy.


Many Flavor for All Tastes

Fruit or cream? Gelato Zero gelato bases, pasta and flavors are available in many flavors for all tastes!


Not Only Gelato

Use Gelato Zero as a base for your frozen pastry, and make delicious non-dairy, gluten- and sugar-free recipes that everyone will enjoy!


Research and Development Since 2019

My bases for artisanal gelato have been specifically developed to meet the market’s increasing demand for good and tasty products, suitable for every type of diet.

My Product Range

A Whole Range of Non-Dairy, Gluten- and Sugar-Free Gelato Ingredients

From neutral mixes to flavoring pastes and toppings, discover a whole range of professional ingredients for your non-dairy, gluten- and sugar-free gelato!


Base Zero Cream is a neutral mix for non-dairy, gluten- and sugar-free gelato containing zero added fats and artificial emulsifiers. Creamy and rich in taste, it can be easily prepared with the addition water or vegetable-based drinks only.

And to make it even more delicious, try it with the addition of noble raw materials such as hazelnut, pistachio or peanut butter!


Base Zero Fruit is a non-dairy, gluten- and sugar-free gelato base rich in vegetable fibers and chemical-free sweeteners, for a naturally creamy and tasty gelato.

Make it even more delicious with our special pastes and flavors, like the refreshing Mint Zero!


A whole range of complete non-dairy, gluten- and sugar-free neutral and fruity gelato mixes, easy to prepare with hot water only.

Dark chocolate, coconut, lemon, pink grapefruit, strawberry, melon, mango and many more: which one is your favorite?


A whole range of vegan-friendly non-dairy, gluten- and sugar-free flavoring pastes to enrich your gelato and frozen cakes.

Mint, vanilla and shortbread; cocoa, hazelnuts and pistachio Cremella; tropical fruit, strawberry and wildberries Delizia: which one is your favorite?


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Via Mal di Ventre 13 | 09170 Oristano - Italy